Sunday, October 17, 2010

Worst Mom Of the Day

I think that I might get worst new mom of the day yesterday.

But only yesterday. (Are you crazy, I'd never be worst mom of the year!)

Anyone else want to claim today, because I ROCKED today.

I should have known that yesterday was going to be a bad day, I didn't do my hair. (AHHHHHHHHHHH- too much work and baking to do- both equally perfect excuses to not shower until 3:30)

Ok, so why do I get worst mom award? Well.... I gave my baby an itty bitty bloody nose, stupid booger sucker. I must have scratched her way up in her nose, I still feel bad. I should just throw the stupid thing away, I feel like the worst mom ever. But the poor girl sounded "like a pug" as my sister in law described her own daughter.

Well, yesterday I felt bad. Today, I totally rocked.

I read to my girl, A LOT, I didn't let myself get frustrated one bit today, even when she fussed for 45 minutes, so sad at bed time because shock- she was over tired. Overtired? After a day with family pictures, church, dedication, and party, it was a full day. I should have just kept her asleep from her 445 nap, but we are learning!

What really surprises me, and is the same for my friend is that my little girl will wake up with a hilarious "wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" deep, quiet- I put a paci in her mouth and her head literally slams into the bed, she just passes out immediately. Her best friend does the same, although she slams her hear into the crib and still does not wake up! These girls and their pacis!! :)

Today, Jon and I were able to dedicate Brooklyn- and there is so much to say about that, but I am tired tonight.

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