Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to Welcome an Allergy Family into Your Home

Friends- this is my opinion, only.  This is not a scientific method or study.  I cannot guarantee that this will protect all children in your home.  I am not a doctor, nurse, nor allergist, just a concerned mama friend of an allergy family, and this is what we do to welcome them into our home.

My best friend's daughter has a peanut allergy- she is one of the 1%.  Yes, I didn't realize it was only 1% that have a peanut allergy specifically.  From how much I hear about this, I figured it would be much higher, but that's what The Peanut Institute shares and, I'll go with it.  Here is the thing, food allergies, as with any allergy really, can be life threatening.  It is believed that each reaction gets worse with most food allergies.  Little A has had skin reactions from her limited exposure to peanut butter, so we're not taking any chances.

But here is the deal.  Families of kids with allergies shouldn't have to be quarantined from going into people's homes.  However, if it is best for their safety, then by all means.  (My husband is allergic to cats so we're cautious, he takes medicine before we go and washes his hands often while we are around cats.)  I personally feel it is fair to have a special allergy free space at an elementary school (for example) for children to eat the best lunches for them keeping everyone safe.  I feel it is the responsibility of the school and teacher to require children to wash their hands after lunch, before returning to the classroom to keep their students safe.

I truly do try to be sensitive to food allergies while still allowing my family to eat those foods.  I am helping my friend by keeping her girls part-time this summer while she goes to nursing school, so I am on high alert these days.  It is important to me that Little A can be in my home at any point in time- but since I have her three days a week, I am watching extra cautiously.  This is my routine/how I prepare to have a friend with a food allergy at our allergy free house.

1. Clear all counters and tables the night before they come over, wipe them down with a cleaning solution. (I use a homemade vodka, essential oil, water cleaner on my granite.  I wipe mine daily, but am sure to use the cleaner on Little A days.)
2.  Spot check furniture if you let your children eat on it- for me this is my living room and kitchen chairs, both leather/pleather.  I do a wipe down with vinegar/water if I see anything suspicious.
3. Wipe handles/doorknobs with a baby wipe.  Again, this isn't scientific, I am doing my best to make a safe space for my friend's child and so far we have done well with this.
4. Wash all children's plates/cups/silverware in the dishwasher.
5. Take all kitchen rags and towels to the laundry the night before she arrives and have fresh ones that morning.
6. No peanut butter on Little A days until she is gone from the house for the day.

I am guessing you can see the reasoning behind each of these- if not, ask away!  Overall, I think of where we have peanut butter in our house (it if very rare that we have actual nuts at this stage in life, but if we did, I would vacuum, which I do daily, to be sure they're all cleaned up.) and try to clean that space.  The one rule I think that is most easily forgotten is 'dishrags and kitchen towels.'  I wipe all faces, it is very possible that I could wipe Little A's face with a cloth used for pbj the day before and she could react- this avoids that problem altogether.  This isn't a perfect plan, but it is good as I know how.  I do not plan to make my home allergy free unless one of my children has a food allergy, but I feel like this is fair and loving to accommodate her at my house.

Do you have any friends with food allergies?  Do you prepare to have them in your home any particular way?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vacationing with Small Kids

Going on vacation is a huge deal for our family, like- so gigantic we don't do it.  Part one is my own fear- I do not like change, unknown, surprises and not being in control.  Part two is we just cannot afford it.  Part three is it is hard, it is just REALLY, REALLY hard.  But friends, I hope after the end of this week (yes, go big or go home, we're gone Saturday to Saturday) I can say it was worth it.  We are traveling for the first time as a family of four- with my husband's entire immediate family- Nana, three adult siblings + spouses, and six children age five and under.

This trip has been planned for months and dreamt of for longer.  My husband's sister and husband own a timeshare that they have worked around points so we can do this sort of thing.  After researching flights- we settled on a location that was a little less than perfect, but we're loving it so far.  (So what makes it less than perfect? It isn't on the beach, it isn't easy to get to the beach from here walking/biking, there isn't much close by for walking)  But- it was our best bet to GET to and to eat our own food.  Apart from finding a location, booking airline tickets and just discussing what we'd like to do in Myrtle Beach, SC I started my lists.  I know, I know.  It was December and I had lists for a trip in June in a notebook.  So.... for my first post about vacationing with small kids, I'd like to talk about those lists.   For some people, it doesn't work, and that is totally okay.  But if you're like me- and you don't want to be caught with your pants down at a resort with no way other than a taxi to a store 5 miles away..... maybe you should stick with me on this.

I started with the easy stuff- each person got a 1/4 page (so this was one sheet, front and back).  I knew we had units with laundry in them, so I decided to pack 4 outfits, 2 swim suits, and 2-3 pairs of jammies.  Our little dude got 4 pairs, the kid leaks through his diaper EVERY night.  You wanna see my list?  Ok fine, twist my arm.

2 pair nicer shorts
2 pair athletic shorts
4 t-shirts (1 blue for family photo)
1 pair jersey shorts and 1 sleep t-shirt
2 swim trunks
1 rash guard
4 pairs underwear
2 pairs socks
flip flops
1 hat (he is bald)

4 outfits (1 blue for family photos)
2 extra shirts for nasty spills/stains
4 jammies
2 swimsuits
1 rash guard
flip flops

2 short/t-shirt outfits
2 dresses
2 night gowns
4 undies
2 swimsuits (which I am only letting her use one, it is my FAVORITE of hers and the pool bottom totally ripped up the butt, not letting that happen to ANOTHER suit!  BUMMED!)
cover up
sandals/keens/summer shoes

4 t shirts
4 tank tops (I layer)
2 bottoms
picture outfit (I'm wearing a dress I won't wear to just hang out in on vacation) + 2 scarves to pick the best
2 jammies
4 undies
1 bra
bikini top, bottoms, rash guard (I wear my rash guard as a top... but my rack is too big to not wear a bikini top, don't judge)
skirt for walking to the pool
flip flops

Then I tried to think of what would entertain our family on the plane, the movies were the best.  Honestly IN the airport was the hardest waiting for the infamous "a-pane ride!"

On Plane (Backpack for each person)
Largest shoes for all- Tennis shoes for Daddy and B, Birkenstock for Mommy, Owen only owns 1 pair of shoes that fit now
Technology: ipad, itouch, headphones
Snacks: goldfish, teddy grahams, banana, fruit snacks, mini packet skittles and m&ms, 2 empty sippy cups
Miscellaneous Toys (the night I packed, I actually made a list and took a picture of it on my phone so I can check it before we leave when we let him take out his toys: magnadoodle, 3 matchbox cars, dinosaur transformer, 2 dinosaurs, elephant, jaguar, matchbox trike, light up mini light saber, mini pillow pet- for bedtime, coloring book, 1 box crayons, stickers, barbie plus 2 pairs shoes, polly pocket)
2 pacifiers
In Brooklyn's Backpack: 1 Barbie, 2 pairs of shoes for Barbie, Bag of Polly Pocket, Coloring Book and Crayons, Lovie

1 Sippy cup per child

We keep bathroom time simple, and this is what I needed most:

Teeth supplies (this is 3 types for us and the kids, UGH!)
baby soap
shaving cream
soap dad
soap mom
contact cases/solution/extra pairs

And then I had to figure out what we needed out of those categories-

Family needs
tide washing packets (I brought 5 because that was the package I purchased for about $0.10 with sales and coupons)
diapers- if we had a car or were close to a store, I would have bought these at our destination.  I brought 5 diapers a day
sunscreen (I packed 4 spray kids, 3 adult spray, 1 kid lotion, 1 adult lotion, I kid face stick.  This has been a great amount for our family, I reapply a TON and we've had no burns so far.  We apply lotion to start the day and spray while we're out and about. I use the kid's face stick on our lips as they are easy to forget about!)
2 shovels, 2 sieves, 1 plastic tablecloth to make a "pool" at the beach
2 small beach towels, cheap that can be tossed if I need space in our bag
swim diapers (I brought a pack of 17, you never know what your kids will be like in the pool, I reuse them if they aren't pooped in or smothered in sand)
beach bag
2 extra sippy cups (Yes, we lost one on day one, so this was essential)
pacifiers (3 extra hidden in case we lose some)

Vacation is coming to a close and we have purchased NOTHING other than fun stuff.  The only item I have thought may have been nice to have was a sweatshirt because the AC can be pretty cool in the evenings- but I didn't want to take up space and get sweaty.  The evenings have not been cold enough to need anything here mid 70s, so I don't miss it really.  We packed in one carry on (STUFFED with our entire wardrobe for the week all rolled) and 1 checked bag that was 43 pounds, I believe.  Without the diapers it should be a touch lighter, our clothes were very heavy.

I am so grateful we brought what we did, and not much more.  I have 3 washing packets left and 2 days of vacation left, I will use at least one of those, I LOVE coming home with clean clothes to simply put into drawers.

Well friends.... so that's it!  It looks like so much, but I PROMISE we only brought a carry on, checked bag, each kid had a backpack with kid stuff in it, my backpack with my camera and a few other items, and my husband's backpack with his laptop, mine and the ipad.  This has been so great, not panicking and needing more stuff has been so rewarding!  You CAN do this, I know it may sound like too much, but you'll love it!  I was skeptical, but we have had a lovely time.  And have LOVED the beach (yes, I'm still in shock!) with a curious 2 year old boy and his almost 4 year old sister.... more on that another day!

*Normally I'd have packed sun hats for the kids, they refuse to wear them, not worth packing then.
*The multiple bathing suits was GENIUS.  The pool chewed up the bum of my daughter's suit so she wore one to the pool, one to the ocean, and she was happy to put the sandy suit in the wash but still have a pool suit!