Monday, October 18, 2010


Some days, you just have to ask for help. Really.

Tonight, I was exhausted. We are doing everything pediatricians and books suggest for nighttime sleep, but Brooke is struggling this week, and a few past weeks (with WONDERFUL reprieves!) with going to bed. She naps like a champ, seriously, I lay the kid down after 1.5 hours of wakefulness and she is OUT. I had to wake her up this morning at 8 (she was super tired). She napps 9:45 to 11:30 when I woke her up. Fell asleep at 12:40, slept until 3:40, down at 5:40 up at 6:30 and was SO tired by 7 that we bathed her read, stores, and started putting her down, but it was too late. She was past exhausted, suggestions? Some books suggest that I put her down then right at 7... but I feel like when we have done that, she isn't tired enough. Maybe she is in a growth spurt again, it is possible!

Any way, I laid with her to help her sleep. She still sounds like a little puglet- yes, like a little baby pug. I read about babies crying in their sleep, since this is what B seems to be doing. There are 2 options, teething or nightmare of Mommy leaving her- little girl! :( So, I just snuggle her super tight. We spent a lot of today in bed since I can tell she isn't feeling well, lots of snuggles and lots of warmth, LOVE it!

I was getting tired of laying next to a baby who was fussing, I had bounced her, walked with her, moby-d her, sang to her, everything that always works and daddy was doing what daddies do. And so, I just called to him, "Babe, I just need you to encourage me, I'm getting tired, and frustrated," He snuggled up with us girls, held Blyn's hand, and she was quiet and still.

I think it is so important to just say- help. I need you, I NEED for you to do this. My wonderful husband excels in helping, when I tell him what I need help with. I don't have the time to resent him or get upset often, because I have learned to just ask. I can't ask him if he'd like to get the laundry, I need to tell him that I need him to get it for me, please. Ahhh, communication.

I know a lot of people struggle with doing this, it is so hard to admit that we are weak. I feel like a lot of moms get caught up in not asking for help, so jump on the train. Ask daddy to cook dinner, ask him to hold the baby so you can shower, with the door shut (or else you'll end up like me, with a half shaved leg, yes, only one, and yes, only HALF done... meaning half way around my calf, not even meaning top or bottom done... just a patch on the front. Sexy.). even if it is just asking for a hug, asking for a phone conversation, all kinds of stuff. It isn't weak, it is strong.

Now... I asked Jon to clean the panini grill tonight... maybe I should ask him again because it is still sitting on the island, and I'm NOT cleaning that thing.

PS- felt like an official mom today, GIANT booger smeared and dried on my hand and I didn't even notice. "What... is... that...?" disgusted voiced husband. "Awww, it's a BOOGER!!" big smile me.

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