Friday, October 22, 2010

Did I really say that? Twice?

Really, I promise if you lived with me, life would be amusing. I have to say that I know some pretty hilarious people, oh my word Suzanne and Ashley can make me pee my pants almost daily. Friend them on facebook (or in real life, if you know you believe in that anymore) because you will love your life.

But anyway. (There are many other wonderfully funny people in my life too, don't worry, I probably think you're funny, if you were worried.)


Today a few things absolutely had me loving my life as I laughed at myself.

Set the scene: Booger 4 month old, dirty mommma. Both in bathroom, infant in bouncy seat, mom in shower. Mom gets out of shower, baby cries. "Sup home girl? How you hanging?" I must have made some face or something, because that child BURST out belly laughing. Umm... seriously? YA. I could not stop laughing... did I just call my daughter HOME GIRL? Yup, I SO did that.

As I lovingly fed aforementioned child (seeing as there is only one in my life....) she caressed my chest with her tiny little fingers. I looked lovingly into her baby blues. Then, it happened.
My daughter gave me...
a titty twister. I'm not lying, and YES, I just said titty (mom :). I'm still kind of in shock about it.

I've also decided to introduce Brooke to a lovey, I don't care if she has a stuffed animal she is obsessed with, or HAS to sleep with... in fact I prefer her NOT to have this, BUT, if it will help her nap or fall asleep better bring it on baby! So, I read to nurse your baby and give them said lovey. We have two, a hippo whom I have named Hannah from Aunt Mel, and Eleanor an elephant from Mommy and Daddy. (Yes, I name her stuffed animals, until she can talk, I get to, done.) Brooke LOVES these things, they are constantly in her mouth or tucked under her arm when I let her have them. Today she was eating Hannah's face and stroking her back so gently, thank God Hannah's mouth is sewn shut because Brooklyn totally dominated that thing in spit up. Shocker of the century I know- kid, if the amount of spitup you shoot out is any indicator of vomiting as a kid we are NOT going to get along, just saying.

Today I totally did something I shouldn't have too. Brooke has been SO stuffy, in an effort to de-stuff I used Great Grandma's nose clearer (almost like vapor rub)... my poor baby SCREAMED. I didn't think it'd burn... but apparently it did. Her eyes turned red, she got a few red spots on her face and she just screamed. I wiped it with a warm washcloth and she was happy- but I felt really bad for about 5 minutes. But... no boogers, ALL day. Seriously.

So, tonight when she got a little boogery and would not go down, I'm not gonna lie, I totally said, "Well if she is going to cry to go down to bed, I'll give her something to cry about." Umm... aren't you supposed to hear your mother in yourself? That was TOTALLY my papa!! So.. we tortured her again with the nose stuff, and no, don't call DCFS, she is FINE! :) And she is sleeping like a champ, with NO boogs. Amen, and amen.

But, here is my family, and I love it so very much.

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  1. Ah you have such a cute family! Hope you're little girl gets feeling better , I have having a sick baby. And thanks for sharing you're story! I had a crying spell today.. but still no baby. lol!