Thursday, October 14, 2010

I wonder...

I wonder if...

Brooke will be afraid of heights since daddy and I are so short?

Haylee will be less afraid of heights since her parents are taller?

Brooke will have blonde hair?

Harley will continue to be so cool with Brooklyn pulling her ears and all, poor dog just licks her face when she crushes her, good girl!

My dirty paci efforts have paid off, will Brooklyn's immune system be strong?

Brooke will take after me? Daddy and I spoke today about how we hope she will be girly, but still be able to hang with the guys. Paint her nails, wear hair bows, but throw a ball better than the guys. Come on girl!

Brooke will be a big sister?

Brooke will have a giant gap between her teeth like I did?

Brooke will still be afraid of the dark when she gets bigger, I hope she doesn't take after me in that!

I just really was wondering about the height thing tonight... more than I should have.

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