Thursday, March 31, 2011


A day or two ago on the radio they were discussing greetings- what a powerful 30 seconds we have with our children and spouses, students, and coworkers every day.


"You're late."

"Do you have homework?"

"Why did you wear that shirt today?"

"I'm so happy you're here."

"We're running late, let's go."

I think you get the point- I think you already know what I am going to say.

I try to treat my husband like the king when he gets home, because well... he is the king of this castle. I squeal with joy, ramping up the excitement for our 9 month old and dog. Harley slides across the wood floors taking Brooklyn out by the knees, I catch her by the arm and we race to the back door. "Daddy is here!!!"

I hope his heart swells at the sound of our thrills. He whistles behind the door exciting the dog and intriguing our baby- we literally cannot wait for this man to open the basement door.

I kiss him hard when he walks through the door as if to say, "Where have you been all day, my love? How I have missed you!" My hand always lingers on his bicep as he reaches over to snuggle our baby and give her scruffy whisker kisses. Then- the dog licks till her heart is content and we are back to regular business.

I have been chewing on this- I have so many negative feelings towards cell phones and the constant connect-ability we can choose to have with them- often when we enter a lunch date or family time we're "just finishing this up." Then you get the, "sigh, hello." (I don't want to give a sigh hello, I want to give a smile, welcome, hug, a cheer... anything but that!) Jonathan and I are holding out on the smartphone thing (partly because we have no room in our budget but mostly, because I simply hate the idolatry of phones). To see kids sit on their phones at dinner or on a visit, for a mom to not set the phone down for 5 seconds to snuggle her babes who just walked in the house, for a dad whose ear piece is always connected to his head and can't kiss his wife because he is still "working" when he walks in the door- I have to think, are we stewarding these moments well?

Are we showing our spouses, children, and families how important they are through our greetings? (And this is just 30 seconds of our day, there are million other times that I hope we are all showing love to our loves! :) It seems like something so simple, so stupid, so small to just say "Hello," but I think it matters so much.

Believe me, I know that every day is different- the other day I had dinner up to my elbows and Jon just wasn't going to get the loving he usually does when he walks in the door- I think he forgives me. But today- I made sure to love him in those first 5 seconds because it is on my heart. It is important to me.

Is it important to you?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Smooches and Waves

Puckered lips.

"Give Momma a smooch! You can do it!"


My face is dripping with slobber, my heart is overflowing with love.

She has kissed me before, but tonight it was kiss, after kiss, after kiss- and the loudest, silliest giggles from both of our mouths as she covered mine in hers. This moment will remain frozen in my memory- our best laugh attack, our sweetest moment yet. Oh sweet child of mine- you are the most perfect gift. My lips shook the inside of her mouth making her giggle even more- open mouthed kisses are so gross, when it isn't your kid. I eagerly await the days of real kisses, but for now, if I look a little drooly, I'm just being loved on by one special girl.

Tonight I made a quick trip to the library before bedtime- I got 2 books in (Choosing to See and Startling Beauty) from 2 far away libraries and wanted to get a head start while my dear love played games tonight. When I got home I waved largely to Brookie and she beamed, waving her arm as hard as she could. She came to me falling on her face trying to wave and crawl at the same time. (I wouldn't recommend it.) So precious, so sweet, so wonderfully mine.

Lord thank you for this little girl you have entrusted to me- may I honor this gift every day, may I teach her all that you would have her learn, may I be the best for her always- (in every stage, even when she poops her diaper 5 times a day... and sticks her feet in it).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One year.

One slice.

One tug.

One cut.

One cry.

One voice.

One glance.

One whisper.

One kiss.

One little love.

It was our one year anniversary when the doctor told me it would be very difficult to become pregnant. It was one year from that day exactly, that we delivered our one beautiful daughter.

I still cannot believe that I am the one who holds this child in my arms, I thought it would be years before I met her. This baby whose every smile gives me butterflies in my stomach, this love. This gift that has changed me so very much. I know that every day, I am the best momma I was created to be.

I am gladly not number one in my life anymore, I am proudly not number one for every day. It is my greatest joy to not shower so I can play with my baby, it is an honor to wake up at 5:45 in the morning to feed my love. I wear bags under my eyes with pride some days, spit up is still my perfume. There truly is no other job I was destined for than this.

She will be one year soon, sooner than later, and I can totally believe it! We have had the greatest journeys, the most fun, and I have savored every moment. I'm not sure what it is... but you probably won't hear me say "where did that year go?" Because I'm still in shock that she is here. :)

Oh my one baby... I love you girl.