Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Writing a song to my baby, because my friend did too.

My girlfriend made up a song for her little girl, regardless of how silly it sounds or how off key she may be. (But I know you aren't Liz! :)

So, when Brooke has been upset, or just won't go down and I don't know what to say to her, I can sing a simple song, that goes to a tune something like Jesus Loves Me.

B is for my baby,
R I really love you.
O you are outstanding,
O you're only ours.
K we knew you'd come to us,
L for all the love you bring,
Y because you are here
N for now and always.
Brooklyn Victoria C_________________.

And today, that was all she needed to close those baby blues and take a nap so this Momma can (watch biggest loser) clean the kitchen and paint.

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  1. oooh:) I love our sweet song's to our girls!! Ur's is sooo much better than mines;)