Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'll screw up my kids.

Congratulations B-lyn, you have officially worn out your mother to the point of sheer exhaustion. (Last night I didn't know which direction was up it seemed) Now, be a good little girl and sleep for more than 3 hours.

Ahhh, I'm that mom who totally lets her baby sleep in bed with her because she wants to be well rested. And that is okay with me, and her daddy.

I'm also that mom who loves hearing what other people do for their kids... when they don't tell me what to do with my own.

Oops, was that too forward? I love you people, really I do! But we all think we know what we're doing here... and quite frankly, none of us do. So let's just share our experiences and move on with it. None of your screwed up your kids too much, so I won't ruin mine. Jeanny told me a long time ago it is not about not screwing up your kids, because every one does, but it is about screwing them up as little as possible. Forgive me if thinking sleeping with your parents sometimes (at 3 months old) is not damaging.

Maybe Brooke will sleep with us until she is 16 like our friend Jake did.. hehe, just kidding, or maybe 14 like her mom, but really, I'm a normal person, so does it matter that much? Trust me, Jon and I will find time to be together, trust me.

Let's see, what other horrible things do we do?

Well, Brooklyn gets a paci right off the floor- and she is our first born!

She even sucks on my fingers when I can't find the paci. Or grandma's knuckles, or shoulder, or biceps, or whatever.

Brooke peed in her bed where I change her last week and I didn't change the sheets yet because I can barely get the mattress out of the crib let alone get the ridiculous mattress pad cover thingie on- seriously baby product makers of the world, you SAY I can wash and tumble dry low, you lie. So, I just change her on a sheet cover instead. Oh, and I let her lay naked on a pile of quilts this weekend to air out her tiny diaper rash, and she peed on the blankets. Yup, peed.

Ps- tonight, daddy let her lay on the same blanket, which, you guessed it, wasn't washed this weekend, but it is on the docket for tomorrow morning! Don't call DCFS on me, she laid on the other half of the blanket.

Brooke slept on her tummy this week, and she slept for 12 whole hours, WHOLE.

Then she didn't, and that was great. Insert sarcasm.

I've always thought of children as an alarm clock, Jon and I cared for Lexie, Hunter and Callie two years ago for a weekend, they woke us up bright and early. Well... Brooke does this, then falls back asleep, glory hallelujah child, God MADE you for this family! So, this morning when I fed her at 7:15 I figured we'd get another hour or 2 out of her and off to church we'd go... until we all woke up at 10:20- thank you baby girl for the sleep! You can NOT be my alarm clock any day!

And as for vacuuming, if you read my blog normally, I used it in the living room the other day. So don't worry. :) And I swiffer a few times a week, so my house really is clean, and I wash the shower, and the toilet, and the sinks, and the kitchen counters... just I hate vacuuming when the baby sleeps, and changing sheets is my worst nightmare.

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