Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cloth Diaper Stuff

A lot of people ask me a lot about cloth diapers, and yes, still, after 12 weeks I am IN LOVE. We rarely have an explosion from prefolds, HALLELUJAH! And I have explosions from pocket diapers as often as I do in disposables, so I'll take it! :)

This is how I prep my prefold diapers on a budget, for those of you who care.

It is suggested to run diapers through 5-10 HOT washes before use to make the diapers fully absorbent. I do not have the need to fill my ENTIRE washer (ya ya, it doesn't do smaller loads, and that is still too much) with HOT water 10 times, I only have 24 diapers.

When you receive (yes, spell check caught that, I have NEVER been able to spell this stupid word!) your diapers, they will be very flat, almost like a tissue. I unwrap them and blob them all into my sink. I put about 3 inches of the HOTTEST water I can get in there, it is so hot I can barely touch the dipes. Let them soak up the water, wring them out over the ones that did not get wet. Here, I am using as little hot water as possible, just re-using it without having to re-heat. Get it?

After all of the diapers are soaked, I put them into a diaper pail (aka Home Depot bucket, less than $5) and bring them down to the wash. No, I do not wring out the final diapers, that is the washer's job! :)

So, I bring the diapers to the wash and throw them all in for a drain and spin to use less gas in drying. This is about 6 minutes of electricity.

Then, I dry them!

When I'm done, I drop them off on the kitchen table.

And, I repeat wetting process, or wait for my other diapers that need to be washed and throw them in together. This way, some soap comes into contact with them and can get anything off that doesn't need to be there (sizing, packaging, you never know...).

See how they are all fluffy now? This was taken after about 6 washes, I think we're good to go, but since B still fits in her infant size, I will use them and keep washing away since I have to wash any way. The darker colored diapers are Indian cotton and take more prepping, but I LOVE them. (These are also "premium" meaning that the center strip has more fabric, a 4x8x4.) The white are Chinese cotton and are most common, but, they do not sell these in premium where I purchased my dipes.

And my covers/rubber pants?

They are right here, well, a few!

The green is a FLIP- LOVE these even though they do not have leg gussets, my jelly roll holds poopies in (usually). I also have a butternut color, these both will fit her until she is about 30 pounds.
The blue is a Thirsties, pretty good, a little awkward at times as the front is more of a straight cut, I like to wrap the front around her waist towards the back for extra protection. I also have a green in the next size up.
The white is a Kissaluvs, no matter what setting, it is SO tight on her legs!
I also have a Blueberry (LOVE IT!). This will fit her until she is 30 pounds.

And, I fasten my diapers with a snappi. This is a rubbery Y shaped (with REALLY long 'V' parts and the leg is short) contraption that literally hooks (like teeth) into the diaper and holds it in place. Very easy to use once you've played a few times! Maybe I'll show you some time, but my baby is asleep. I just have never photographed her without a cover on... don't want pee all over myself.

And so, that is diaper prepping.

Cheaper than 10 washes, uses less water, and makes them just as fluffy! :)

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