Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Three Month Old


You are three months old today, and the load you landed in your pants made me proud. I suppose I should not say that it was in your pants per se... seeing as most of it ended up on your bouncy seat... As disgusting as THAT was, it may gross you (and readers) out that you absolutely love it when the dog licks your face... and in your mouth. What can I say? No sibling rivalry in this house! (But please, learn to kiss with your mouth closed quickly.)

The amount of "things" you've learned this month amaze me.

You can suck your thumb now, but do a pretty bad job, not gonna lie. You just can't get any suction on that skinny stick of a finger, and I am grateful for this.

You rolled over on 9/8/10 in bed about five times and then on 9/9/10 you rolled over on the living room floor unassisted, and scared yourself pretty badly! :) What a cutie! I now put 2 quilts down so when you try again another day, your head won't thump so loudly.

You giggle like no other, the cutest belly laugh. You laugh AT daddy and I, and you are thrilled at our belly farts, tickles, peek a boo, and smiles.

You still love being naked and squeal with delight at bath time.

You are so proud as you stand on our laps.

You no longer fit in infant diapers. You make us proud and are growing every day, in the 90th percentile for weight at 14 lbs. 3.4 ounces, the 92nd percentile for height at 24 3/4 inches, and 97th percentile for head measurement... girl, you got brains! :)

You gurgle as you talk to us, this used to be your little pre-cry. Now, it is your words! when you get really excited you squeal out coos that sound like "Hi!" and I swear you cry out "Momma!" late at night. Sometimes you scream so loud I cringe, happy squeals at least!

Right now, you are supposed to be in bed on this birthday evening. However, you are laying on the living room floor with Daddy playing "There she is!" and laughing with your mouth as wide as you can open it. You are gurgling, "Ah geeeee," and screaming. You're getting sleepy, and we'll tuck you in again soon.

How precious to see a daddy and his daughter, even though you SHOULD be in bed.

(B went down perfectly tonight, one paci plug and out. She woke up an hour into sleep like she ALWAYS does, slept for another 30 minutes after I fed her (my book says to try feeding to see if it is a hunger or sleep problem, it was hunger). Then, you woke up... again. And you are so awake, so daddy and I think it was just a nap. So, you'll get to be up again and we'll go to bed around 9:30, you stinker. But, that is what happens when your naps get screwed up by going to the doctor!)

I'm sorry you got a shot on your birthday today, but am so proud of you!

On a side note...

Last night before bed I was thinking about the kind of woman I hope you become, and sweet girl, as I am reflecting on that thought, I pray that you will be like Mary, Lazarus's sister in Bethany. Brooke, I hope that you will be enamored with our Lord and sit at His feet as He teaches you. That you will take time out of your day for Him and not get caught up in the little things. (But you still have to do your chores, just saying.)

Love you little girl.

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