Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rambling Wednesday

Today, I blogged in my head, and I was really funny.

Now, I'm just sitting here with a super cute brown haired princess strapped to my chest who refuses to lay in her own bed. Have we created a monster? It is a 99% possibility, but I'll take it! "Don't let your kids sleep in your bed! Force them to nap every day on their own. Cry it out!"

No thanks.

I help soothe B-lyn to sleep, but today when she shrieked to the point of almost passing out like her momma did as a baby, I said SCREW THIS! And snuggled my pumpkin while rubbing her little belly. I tried keeping milk out of my life, I do not know if she is sensitive to it or not, but it didn't seem to change any tummy problems. Maybe it isn't a tummy problem after all since she fell asleep on my chest in bed, and again in the Moby? I'm not sure... but that wasn't a sad cry, that's all I know, because, well... I'm her momma.

I just got my pants stuck in the computer chair, because heaven forbid Victoria's Secret make their pants for NORMAL people rather than German/Swedish/Swiss models with a 40 inch inseam... mine is 28.5, I don't think they even make jeans that short in a custom jean shop. Geesh.

I did the dishes today with B asleep, even dropped a few things that made me jump, sweet sleeping baby didn't notice one bit. Glory hallelujah!

We're leaving on Friday to visit Jon's family, don't come and rob my house, we don't have anything good. Anyway... Jon's car was hit at school by a worker, so he is getting it repaired over the long weekend- strategy here: Work will get a rental car for us, would like larger car for travel in case Nana wants to come with, lower gas mileage than our big car. Therefore.... we are SO excited to get a MINI VAN!!!!!!!

So not kidding. I am chomping at the bit to get a mini van with our next child/2 or whatever, and Jon is 100% on board. We may be the ONLY 24 and 26 year olds with this desire... and that rocks. More on the lot for us to pick from as all those old 30 somethings trade their vans in. Oh shut it, my blog, I can call you old, sisters :), the benefit to being the baby.

We really see the value and function in the size of a van. We get the whole SUV/Crossover Craze, it makes sense: spend more money, get less usable space, and look cool. Um, sign me up. NOT. I can barely climb into Jonathan's SUV without holding on to the side... put a child in my hand, we'll be diving head first. Let's not even discuss gas mileage. For our life, a van will make much sense. I am very happy to get a van one day... when we have the money.

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