Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm a believer: Breast milk Saves

This morning little B woke up with loose boogers, the kind that force her to sound like a cow as she sleeps. Poor babe. She snored her little heart out as she snuggled with me and all Daddy and I could do was smile!

I tried the booger sucker- and it didn't work. But she didn't mind it (I stick it in her nose regularly so she isn't afraid/shocked by it).

So... I tried the breast milk in the nose. If you don't know, breast milk is known to heal. The most common that people know of are stuffy noses and eye infections. REALLY!

So, here's our story. B is snuggled up next to me, getting to the point that she is screaming to breathe because of this little booger (which we should have named MONDO booger). We let her get pretty upset so that it would loosen, thinking possibly she would shoot it free herself, wouldn't that be impressive? I hate hearing her cry even a little, so I started to feed her. If I pull her off, or she falls off within the first five minutes, I've got a good 1 foot range of squirting milk. I aimed it at her face and got as much into each nostril as possible, then fed her again. At this point in time, it looked as though someone had splatter painted my child's face with some super light white liquid. (I know what a splatter painted face looks like because the neighbors and I painted their bedroom this way... using paint, not breast milk silly.)

As she continued to eat, this GIANT SNOT ROCKET comes flying out, sucks back in, flies out, sucks back in and I am grabbing for it with each breath that she takes. Jon frantically searches the bed for the booger sucker and I catch it! Aha you little booger- hehe. It was HUGE! And BOY are we grateful THAT dislodged, our girl is back to sleeping under her daddy's armpit, NOT sounded like a dying calf. And I like that. :)

Other ways to use breast milk, for ourselves too!!:

-On mosquito/bug bites/stings (even your own)
-Scrapes, burns, scratches
-Cancer sores
-Diaper rash, clean area first with warm water and NO soap, then squirt milk onto cutie bootie and rub in or let air dry
-Acne and eczema, rashes or hives again, clean, then rub in or let air dry
-Plugged eye ducts, no need for eye drops. When baby is asleep squirt a few drops over eye slit, gently lift lid to get it underneath
-Chicken pox, to help ease itchiness (I hope my pastor's wife was able to try this!!! :)
-Red eyes, squirt in there like a plugged duct
-Chapped lips and skin, simply rub it in, rub in it (I said this like, plug it in, plug it in.... Ahh, good jingle)
-Ear infections, squirt it in there!

I just think these all make sense, why not try it before heading to the doctor? I think it is safe to say that MOST people wait it out a few days before they take their child in. Why not try something that can't hurt while you wait it out those 2 or 3 days... and if it works, what have you lost?

Not only that, but breast feeding alone can reduce your risk of breast cancer. There are also so many diseases that can be treated with breast milk, I've read of hospitals giving it to adult cancer patients, intriguing! So if you've got some extra milk- donate it! It will be used!

So, there is a GIANT snot rocket on a blanket in my bed right now, and I think I will take a picture of it for Brooke's baby book "My First BIG Booger." Because really, that thing could have reached up to her brain.

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