Wednesday, August 25, 2010


HONESTLY- I just don't really try and impress anyone, because really it doesn't matter.

I could tell you of all of the awesome wifely things I did today or last night... but really I'm just a good old normal wifearoo. (But the best mom on earth.)

It's my goal to write it all down, but not to impress anyone, that is FAR too exhausting. So whether I share an awesome feat, or a silly moment, ahhhh, to just be real about life is so freeing, and I am so happy I've always been okay with doing that.

Today, I had so much spit up between my toes, down my shirt, covering my arm and even in my carpet that I should have re-showered and gotten the shampooer out. But I didn't. I grabbed a baby wipe and took care of business, because honestly, I am JUST TOO STINKING LAZY to shower twice today, and keep my baby from napping to shampoo the carpet (never mind I don't have a shampoo-er)

I didn't flush the toilet today until I pooped, yup, I poop. In this house, honestly, we live by the phrase "If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down." I'm all about saving the earth, one less flush a time. So, that means when company comes over, I nonchalantly use the restroom just to flush the toilet. So... if you ever come over and there is pee left, you know why.

I struggle with this thought- Stop writing every little thing about your life on facebook, no one cares that you woke up with a pimple, it's really okay NOT to tell us all your minute by minute plans for the day... but then, I blog. Hmm, is it hypoctrical? I'm not sure, I have a self discussion, a little something like this weekly:
"Oh my word, seriously?"
"Jeanny says, 'Oh my word.'"
"I know, that is why I say it, I feel like it's okay since she's the pastor's wife."
"Whatever, no really, oh my word, are people really that narcissistic that they have to post pictures of their lunch, or log on to facebook and change their status 5 times an hour... all day long?"
"Well, you blog about your life."
"Right, but this is optional to read."
"And facebook isn't?"
"Well... I mean, it is more so, you know?"
"Sure, I KNOW... but you decide to log on and go through the news feed and read everything."
"True. But really, it just comes up."
"Then don't log on to facebook."
"Right, but you know blogging is totally separate, people have to seek this out, or click the link, Facebook is just right there, and seriously?"
"You're crazy."

See the dilema? Gah.

I still haven't vacuumed. Honest.

I don't think I'll ever want Brooke to sleep in her own bedroom, I like having her right next to me. And no, Jon and I don't have marriage problems. Everything is extremely lovely and peachy... ahem. I just like having her in our room, it is so much easier, and snuggling as a family is always an option.

Honestly, I almost got teary tonight as Jon and I left visiting baby Haylee, and her parents of course :). Jon said he'd like to become a member at Faith if we're really ready to make it our home. That scared me. That's a big step. That's like a real divorce if in 10 years our kids want to go to church with classmates, then again, I think it's wrong to leave a church just because your kids say they want to go elsewhere... so I guess I just turned THAT down. Put your fists down crazies, I really think it is. I have always believed that you are married to the church, not just THE church, but your church. Leaving is like a divorce. And we do not want to divorce the church that we select as our home base. I'm cool with our kids going to youth group at other places, but our family church will remain. Some of you may call me crazy, and think myself a witch, because this means Jon leaves his home church. We have cried, prayed, cried, fought, listed, and tossed and turned over the decision. Both, or one of us would have to leave our church eventually, we did not come from the same church. It is just happening that we feel Faith is the better home for our family. What does that mean though? Egad! There really aren't that many people in this phase of life/age bracket at Faith... but that doesn't mean we shouldn't listen to what has been placed on our hearts. Because shoot, the people who are in our age bracket are cool, and I think maybe we have TIME for each other, which I feel is totally a foreign concept some places. I hope to really build strong relationships with people at our home church. We talked about where we fit, what ministries we think we'd be a part of and both said: HONESTLY, if we are over-involved, we'll burn out. If we do more than 2 things a week, we'll probably tire out. But that is just where we are at in life. How cool to hear your husband think about doing a super early morning bible study? Or to discuss a ministry he'd like to be involved in, or start? I didn't even think he knew that it existed. He's super hot, and awesome.

Honestly, I am tired tonight. My thighs hurt from walking the baby. That is pathetic, we walked around the block. But even more honestly, I'll probably drive aforementioned block tomorrow to prove to myself that it is longer than it seems... and uphill.

Honestly, I have been thinking a lot lately about old friends, and I hope they are doing okay. And really, I've been praying for more people to connect to and share life with. And I am so excited for what is happening at Faith, and in general in my life.

God is good, honestly.

And, I'm just going to continue to be really honest, and not try to impress you, I hope that's okay.

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