Sunday, August 1, 2010

Languages of Mommying

In our house many languages are spoken, rules are made, and gestures are understood.

So if you come over:

-a headbutt to mom's cheek means I'm still hungry.

-crossing your fingers when sneaking into the room your child is sleeping in means maybe, just maybe she'll be asleep when you peek.

-crying means: I'm gassy, I'm bored, I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm wet, I pooped my pants, I'm over tired, I'm lonely, I'm sick of this, or Where am I? (spoken by all 4 family members, dog included, although I will not divulge who cries what.)

-red faced grunts are normal, totally, especially between the hours of 4 and 7 am.

-white nostrils and a furrowed brow always mean poop, always.

-the sound of mom's blankets finally closing for the night, wrapping around her tired shoulders means WAKE UP PEOPLE!

-don't lock the dog in the bedroom with the baby, floppy eared dogs + sleeping babies = problem. As when ears flop... babies eyes pop open.

We passed through the "five week fussies" I read about in one book... then I read another book. Scoundrels, now it reads six to nine week fussies, child please (in Southern accent, aww reminds me of Cathy B and SLAM I think...!). They claim it is because the child becomes more social... well social in your dreams with Camille baby, because this mommy is not chatty at 4 am. But, if you really need to share secrets, I'll gladly snuggle you in bed and we'll whisper until morning.

We have been blessed, though, Brooklyn is not very fussy really. At night she fights sleeping, but that has only been for the past 2 or 3 days. It has happened in the past, but we survived . We try not to let her stay up more than 2 hours without napping, because that is when it is at its worst. The sleep books all say it too, so we feel better! Sadly, she can barely make it to 1 hour at times... oh well. We'll see how tonight goes. She slept 7-8... then like trumpets roaring, was awake and ready to go for another day. I don't think so Chunk.

So with one million sh-sh-shhhhhhs, paci plugs, and snuggles, I think she's out. Okay, and 500 extra nursing moments. But- mission accomplished of setting her down "drowsy but awake." That is the sleep goal for week 6 and 7, according to the BEST sleep book ever, you know, everyone has one of those books. :) Blyn has been great at drowsy but awake for all naps... nighttime has only been tricky those few days like I said...

We'll see how I slumber tonight.. or don't. But, maybe if I cross my toes too, we'll have some luck again??

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  1. Ha! I love the "Child, please!" I don't know if it originated at SLAM, but I remember hearing plenty of it at Hazel Green. Fun memories!!
    It always amazes me what makes babies wake up - my kids would sleep through vacuum cleaners, garbage disposals, neighbors' loud music, and even the silverware drawer crashing to the floor...but if I sneezed (even quietly!) or sat on my bed, they'd wake up. Fun, fun!