Friday, August 27, 2010


I think our world could be a pretty amazing place, that is, if we all held on to the treasures of our childhood.

The sweet praises of our mother's voice or the glint in our father's eye of pride.

The belly laughs.

The giggles.

The slobbery secrets and slobberier kisses. You know, the ones with the WIDE open mouth, Brooke is starting to do this and it melts my heart. Followed by the biggest mouth wide open smiles. Seriously, I could EAT this kid up!

Giggles of glee and squiggly squirms.

Squeals of delight.

Ants in your pants. (Sometimes literally, or sand, or dirt, or... or...).

Red rover, red rover. S'mores. Ghost in the graveyard. Kick the Can.

Cabbage Patch Kids. My little pony. Strawberry Shortcake. Barbie, the old one with semi-more realistic boob size and absolutely less realistic waist and hips. (No, I don't think Barbie made kids anorexic.)

Campfires and sleepovers, the kind in tents in the backyard (with an extension cord, TV, stereo and many millions of giggles, Oh, that was just Lisa, Kaytie and I?).

What if we had a treasure box with all of those sweet memories?

I think if every child was given a box filled with their mother and father's voices through their infancy, they would know true love. I catch myself whispering to Brooke, "You are beautiful, smart, strong," along with many other praises. I hope she hears me, and holds it in her heart. I remember my mom's voice whispering to me, maybe that is why I love her so much, because I know I did nothing but be born to her, and I had her from that moment until always. But so many people are abandoned, or their parents forget to praise them, or they don't have the time. Every one is praised and adored as an infant, and I don't think it really is lost. Simply, we let it fade away. If we had those reminders that we are worth something to someone. Man. I bet people would be WAY nicer.

But mostly, I think if we all held on to those nighttime prayers...

I know a lot of people, and I think every one of those people said nighttime prayers. If every night, every soul on this earth crawled into bed and said their prayers, it might be a more wonderful place around here. And- maybe not, but could it hurt?

Surely if we all had Jesus... but surely that'd be too much to ask. (Sense the sarcasm.)

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