Saturday, August 7, 2010

I didn't realize I loved you so much.

Is it embarrassing to admit that just this week I told my husband, "I have always loved Brooke, but after this week, I don't know, I just, I REALLY love her," ?

I have loved her for many reasons ranging from the fact that alone, she is my daughter, to her cute smile, her nighttime giggles, her sweetest cry, or even her tiny dirty toenails. (How do they get dirty?!)

But this week I have seen the little person she is becoming, a personality and all and it makes me love her that much more. Can I list personality traits? No. But precious, loved, adored, adorable, silly, cute, beautiful, inquisitive, cautious, trusting, calm, expressive, and cherished are all words that I can use to describe her. Oh Blyn, how I pray that you will grow to be a young girl, then woman of so many things! Brooke, it is my desire that you will know just how much I love you for who you are- my daughter, and that is all enough in itself.

I spent a good deal of time tonight with a niece and nephew. Thomas is almost 11 and Shannon is 7, they both got a little Brooklyn loving time and it is so precious to me to see them holding her. Shannon tries not to smile, but she beams. Thomas is so gently awkward with her as he stares adoringly at her. Sure, maybe I just see it that way, but man does it melt my heart. I remember holding Thomas, only 3 years older than he is now, when he was that age. I remember snuggling Shannon just 7 years ago. Time flies, but it isn't with Brooklyn. Maybe because every moment of every day is consumed with her. I cherish each little change. I swear I can SEE the zits forming on her cheek, and disappearing the same day. I do not take this for granted, and never will. I am beyond blessed to even HAVE a child, let alone a healthy, beautiful one (Who went to sleep tonight perfectly mind you- HOLLA!) As the kids held her, Shannon got nervous with a few little whimpers. Maybe I should have scooped her up, after all, Shannon said, "Take her, take her!" But I told her no and instructed her of how to comfort Brooke, and she did. I hope she felt good about that. And I handed her off to Thomas, just a quick plop as I was going to grab her in a second, he was nervous, but did JUST fine! :)

I am so proud of my life and each person in it. I have the smartest, cutest, kindest, gentlest, most innocent nieces and nephews on the planet and I adore each and every one of you. Brooklyn is so lucky to have her Thomas, Lexie, Shannon, Hunter, Callie, Brody, and Haylee (Who was born 2 days ago!).

And- Brooke got to see all of her grandparents today, umm, hi. LUCKY. Blessed.

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