Sunday, August 22, 2010

I used to...

People say that when you have kids, you will not remember what life was like before then.

I remember and look back fondly, but I understand what they mean. Clearly you won't "forget" what life used to be like, but it is so different now.

I used to watch countless hours of television at night, NOW, I snuggle a little girl who needs me, I plug pacis in countless times (ok, about 10 tonight), and I rub the roundest head I've ever seen until her sapphire blue eyes close in the darkness.

I used to cook without an apron on, NOW I wrap my child to my chest as I cook in the most beautiful kitchen in the world.

I used to vacuum before bed, NOW I don't vacuum. Really. I don't. Haven't since we moved here, it's been almost 10 weeks... that's kind of gross, but I swiffer often. Don't judge.

I used to have my phone volume all the way up, NOW I'm not sure where my phone even is.

I used to run to answer the phone, NOW, it can wait, whatever it is.

I used to shower every other day, NOW I shower every day, twice a day because of the most beautiful spitter upper on the block.

I used to want to walk hand in hand with Jon through the neighborhood, NOW I dream about him holding Brooke's hand on our family walks, I'll still hold his other one for the rest of my life. :) I think that's important, no matter how many children we have, we will always be hand in hand. AMEN.

I used to do my hair, put on foundation, blush, eye liner, 2 eye shadows, mascara, and chapstick, NOW I'm lucky to get on some mascara and brush my hair.

I used to do laundry once a week, NOW I do it every stinking day.

I used to go to work every day, I used to wear dress clothes, I used to wear a size 10/12, I used to wonder what my babies would look like, I used to do so many things.

Now, I listen for cries, watch the lights on the monitor, change about 5 diapers a day, plan my life around a 13 pound miracle, and watch my best friend cherish every moment with his little girl.

I would not change my life for the world and hope my Blyn finds the same as she grows, to love every moment, just the way it is.

To carry my daughter, kiss her face, hold her hand, and pat her bottom are the sweetest things to spend my days doing. What did I USED to do again?

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