Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yesterday, but it is today.


I wore two shirts, and I probably should have worn five. My perfume smelled a little funky, because it was not perfume at all. I put the laundry away and swiffered the floor. The dishes found their places, and are already dirty again.

I drank 56 ounces of water, and was still thirsty. I got a frosty-chino because I could. We went to the bank, and I told the teller to take his time.

I got my morning typing done and let out my brother's dog, Daisy.

I took the baby to my mom's house and she spit up over all of us- yes, Gram gram, Papa, Momma, and Daddy even I think! And big sister Harley licked it up.

I missed my baby, because I didn't put her to sleep. How pathetic am I? I worked last night, fed the baby, laid her down and let daddy take over. She was an angel, right to sleep. Then I went to bed and felt awful, I didn't put her to sleep! I missed it, even though putting her down makes me crazy, which makes me sound like a lunatic. There is something about putting a paci back in her mouth 100 times...

And I did so much more yesterday, but I just can't remember. Because really, my days are filled with loving on a little punk, feeding her, changing her, burping her, and snuggling her. And even more really, I forget the rest of the day when she's in my arms.

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