Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tongues and Pacis

This morning I woke up after about... 7.5 hours of sleep. Is my child breathing? Did I really wake up in the middle of the night to feed her? WHAT ON EARTH IS DRIPPING ON MY CHEST?

Oh... it is just breast milk, pooling in my clavicle neck region- yea. Gross. I didn't say that this would be a sweet, pretty blog. YUCK.

And, I didn't get to shower until 2, in the afternoon, when I was breastfeeding and realized how AWFUL I smelled. And, miraculously- the baby did NOT wake up in the process of my shower. (No, although it appears that possibly I typed that I as breastfeeding while shower, I was not.)

I also decided well into the shock of "I'm going to have a baby" that we were going to continue life as normally as possible. What that means to us is that if Jon needs to rip off the roof while Brooke sleeps... well, you better be a deep sleeper kid. So, today, we put it to the test- and we had partial success! Although she woke up 3 times in 2 hours... she did sleep some. Finally, I just held her, ear to chest, then my other hand over her ear, other hand under butt... this posed a problem when she was asleep, spit her binky out, and there were loud noises.

I did as any perfect mother would, and held my hands in place, reached down with my tongue, and was able to wiggle the binky back into her mouth. Oh, I know... I rock.

And I love my little bundle... who is whimpering at this time for her momma.. and with how strange my boobs feel today, I think they are crying out for her too!

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