Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5 new things in life

Life has gotten really busy, and it really isn't because of B-lyn. I'm working a lot more (from home Glory Hallelujah!) and am exhausted. But, there are quite a few fun things going on in my life:

1- I cut my toenails tonight, first time since Sweet Megan did it for me a week before Brooke came into our lives- yes... that was 7 weeks ago, don't judge, just imagine how wickedly long they were. Sweet. Normally I just fling my toe nail clippings as they are so tiny- tonight, I think they could have given a puncture wound to someone I love.

2- Brooke went to the Dr. today, 11 pounds 1 ounce, 22 inches long! You grow girl!!! He laughed when he walked in and asked what I was feeding her- good old fashioned breast milk, sir! He was astonished at her growth and laughed that she gained about 25% of her body mass in 3 or 4 weeks, pretty good! I felt like one proud mama!

3- My daughter seems to be waking at the same time as her best friend Camille my best friend Kristy's daughter. They have literally awoken at the same time about 5 nights in a row now, if that isn't weird to you... well, whatever you're crazy! *note

4- My bed has been peed on three times this week, I will not divulge the culprits. (Ooo, so mysterious.... makes it sound like Jon is a suspect! I like it! :)

5- Brooke went swimming with Mommy, Daddy, and Aunt Michelle this weekend, it was 1- precious 2- hilarious 3- fun!!! She wore her suit from Aunt Jenni and Uncle Matt (Although I doubt he knows he helped pay for it), and sun glasses-adorable! She LOVED the water and I think would have stayed in longer, I don't remember why we got out after all! On the same day, my Uncle Mark met her , my Aunt Kris met her and my cousin Billy met her. My family is pretty interesting- I see most of them at least once a week which is so awesome for the kids in the family to actually KNOW their great grandparents. It is also sort of weird... to have those relatives that you don't see as much- then you discuss the weather with them. Butt- really, I see my family far too much AND I LOVE IT! I work for my aunt after all, so we at least email daily... x100. ANYWAY- My mom has 2 sisters, my dad has 3 living sisters and 2 brothers. Mom's sister #1 met Brooke when she was 1 week old. My dad's youngest sister, who I haven't seen since my aunt and grandpa died in November 2005 met her next. Did you read that? Yes, my family, the ones who are obsessed with each other has an aunt who we haven't seen in ALMOST 5 YEARS! Whew am I glad I had a baby to bring her back around...??? So, Brooklyn has yet to meet her Great Aunt Linda, Great Aunt Jeri, and Great Uncle Jim, but I bet that won't happen for about... 3 years. At least she WILL meet her GREAT GREAT Aunt Diane and Uncle Harry! Crazy! :)

I know... not so entertaining, but pieces that I want to have written and document for little B. now,I'm off to punch my husband for having his computer game FAR too loud for having an infant in the house... what a dumbbell sometimes, but one I really love a lot.

*I totally just ignored my baby for 3 minutes so that daddy would leave his STUPIDLYRIDICULOUS game and tend to her, he's closer.

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