Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things nobody told me

There were many things people told me along the way to Brooklyn, but... then there are the things that no one told me. I heard how horrible it would be to poop after her birth (true statement), the nasty size of blood clots I'd pass (fact), or even how tired I would be (opinion). But... then there is that list of "I can't believe no one told me..." Maybe I didn't read something, maybe I forgot... but this is my list of what I didn't know... and sort of wished I had... or not at all.

- breast pads, the disposable kind (yes I know, I cloth diaper then use disposable breast pads when out and about. I use disposie dipes too when we're out for now, so shoot me.) anyway, they turn into that gel-like substance that traditional disposable diapers turn into, on your boobs. That can't be healthy.

- that stool softeners would become my new bff and part of my daily routine, honestly, it's been a month. I love you stool softeners, LOVE you... do NOT love my overdose of daily fe (that's iron... see I took chem, I hope that's right!:)

- drive with one arm in the backseat for a few minutes each time you get into the car. Reach as far back as possible, imagine your arm resting above an adorable car seat, get used to it, blood flow is restricted, you will adjust in time. However... a perfect mother would NEVER have to reach to the backseat and hold a paci in her child's mouth for the ride to grandma's for moments of sanity, never.

- work on your vocals, you will become Mariah or Whitney overnight to your audience of two (God counts here... three if you subject your husband to the pain). But really, Brooke calms down in the car when I sing with the radio- take it! :)

- how helpful my husband would be. Truly, not one woman has told me that my husband would help ME. They said he'd be hot holding our kid, sexy even (ow ow... TRUTH.). They told me that he'd be a great dad. But I see the most loving, serving husband in the world in Jonathan. He doesn't change diapers much, he can't feed her, but he holds her, gets covered in spit up nightly, encourages me, supports me financially and emotionally, helps clean, suggests I take a break, lets me use the remote more than him, even though I have the option of watching TV a lot of the day, and most of all he helps me by coming home every night with open arms and kisses for all of his girls, man he's sexy, AND helpful... as that was my intention here.

And that is what I can think of on the night of my child's 1 month birthday. I love you Brooklyn Victoria, with all of my heart. I think you are beautiful, silly, amazing, smart, and most of all, you are my daughter and that is MORE than enough of a reason to adore you.

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