Monday, July 19, 2010

Content and Breastfeeding Laws

I missed my baby today, but she was with me ALL day! Well, at least in the house.

Jon and I have had many conversations as of late about being parents (what else do we talk about? Well, poop, breast milk, wet diapers, baths, spit up, laundry, how amazing I smell, and other wonderful things.) But Brooke slept most of today, after yesterday being up almost the whole day, we got 7.5 hours of sleep followed by a 2.5 hour stretch. Hey, I'm not complaining... nor am I expecting that again... EVER. She woke up for one and a half, two hours maybe and the poor thing was fighting to sleep, I gave in and let her. I had to wake her from a nap (I know some of you crazy people let your kids sleep whenever... I do what I want . :) She fell asleep an hour later in her Grandma's arms who just so happened to stop by (and only got some drool on her for once!) She slept for 30 minutes, fussed, back to sleep, and slept until 5ish I think, fought staying awake AGAIN! Poor thing was asleep most of the day, which made for a very sad momma! Although, I did clean the bathroom, put away one million miscellaneous things (that have been sitting around for 10 years), and did quite a bit of laundry, and had lunch with a friend! But really, I missed this little girl!

And in usual "us" fashion, we discussed how I miss the baby when she's in our own home, how could I ever leave her? I guess it doesn't matter, I don't really feel the need to get out of the house. Remind me to plan the birth of all of our babies when the weather is nice- as much "planning" as we do. I like a short walk around the block, a quick trip to the store (or a long one if I'm with my mom). But I don't need a break right now (I know, I know, the time will come!). But right now, today, (on my amazing sister in law's birthday) I am so joyful. I'm not happy, I am full of joy for the life I have been given. THANK YOU JESUS!

But anyhow, last night I woke up three times (yup, my kid doesn't wake me up, my sopping wet shirt does.) I leaked so much last night there was no way my towel could save me, or my blankets, or shirt, or anything for that matter, BUT, man it was great to not have rock solid boobs. As exciting as those must be... I'm just NOT a fan. I smelled awful today, and do not plan on showering tonight- I'm happy that some people find the smell sweet. "Oh, you smell like baby!" Now I know that means- "HOLY CRAP WOMAN- shower! You smell like spoiled milk, fresh milk, sweat, BO, and maybe a little of your baby's lotion." Because trust me... my kid has NEVER had a product on her body that smelled like "baby" other than vaseline one time. Everything else I put on the child smells like grass, weeds, and all things natural. Poor kid... maybe she'll be the stinky kid in school. I sure hope not.

Other than that... Jon told me today about a breastfeeding mom in Kentucky who was asked to leave a restaurant apparently for nursing there. Geesh, must have been SOME place. (It was like... Fridays people). I nursed in Bottaio the other night, at my table, facing people, again, I do what I want . Many women have told me to simply ask anyone who protests about breast feeding to ask if they would like to take their lunch in a bathroom stall. (Standing + nursing + me = impossible I think for now) You only see people eat in the bathroom in movies and they aren't really eating. Anyway, there are lots of laws on breastfeeding regardless, good way to start a law suit!

Here's some on it:


Oh yea, and Forever 21, thanks for creating cheapo maternity clothes now that I am no longer pregnant.

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