Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is it with women? I hope my girl doesn't catch the disease.

To be a rare breed of a mom, it takes something so special.

You have to look at yourself and love what you see.

Not every day, not every moment, but you have to LOVE the person looking back at you for most of them.

Yes, that means loving that stretch marked belly, beautiful eyes, little extra flubs, undone hair, and stunning smile.

Maybe this is something I'm good at, maybe that is why I think it is so important to tell yourself how cool you are. I'm not sure how I became someone with confidence, I'm not particularly beautiful, I don't have amazing eyes, my teeth aren't perfect, but I do have cute hair. See?! I just can't say that I'm ugly, because I just don't believe it! Sure, I'm a little overweight, but I have curves that could knock you out.

I remember hearing my mom, friends, friends' moms complain about how they looked, little things, often ending with a giggle. What is that, do we think because we're women we have to hate what we've got? I remember telling myself when I was about 13 that I didn't really care, I wasn't going to be like every woman I saw on TV (in particular) who just hated how she looked. I decided to LOVE it, to embrace every little thing.

I hope so badly that Brooke will grow up to completely love herself, that she will see herself as the beautiful girl God created. It is a disease to me, to try and find something you don't like about yourself just to complain about, to fit in with other women. Oh B, please see who you are, inside and out. I want you to love all that you are, for the simple fact that you are worth that love. I promise to do all that I can to teach my daughter how to love herself inside and out, I'm going to be a rare breed.

And if you saw Grey's a couple of weeks back, "We all have stuff we don't talk about!" And sometimes, I feel like it is this. Loving ourselves- every part of who we are.

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