Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where we're at.

Lately Brooklyn,

- has shown a true liking to yogurt, full body flail (that others may consider a medical condition) of excitement as soon as she sees her special cups.
- can be seen with a puzzle piece sticking out of her mouth, she particularly enjoys the farm board puzzle from her big cousins with huge knobs that she plops in her mouth and sucks on throughout the day- I get to stare at cardboard brown cutouts in front of her cut little face.
- tips over backwards to drink out of her sippy cups (Avent are my favorite, no leaking so far, and easiest for her to drink now that she figured out how to suck them! And my SIL just informed me that the tops are inter-changeable with the bottles- too bad I didn't use those! Geez Louise! :) The things you learn LATER! :) Then again... I only have bottles that came with my pump...)
- pulls my pants down on a continuous basis, to the point that if shorts season doesn't get here fast... we're going to have a problem. She loves to stand while I cook or do dishes and pulls on my pants to get up, then they both end up on the floor! (In fact... she just pulled them down to my knees, thank you for that love.
- tries to grab on to the back of pants to follow behind, she loves "walking" like this- cracks me up every time!
- has yet to open a cabinet (thank God for quiet close because even my 2 year old nephew can't open them! :) For those of you who have been to my house... you know it will be a problem when she has the curiosity for, "What is behind door A?" since there is no way to block cabinets in a small house with a great room... :)
- will finally eat avocados, she just needed a little lime, miss fancy pants- she gets it from Aunt H. :)
- calls me Mama, and daddy Dada and Papa (last night... or was she calling for her grandpa? Hmmm...)
- If she hears "hello," in a song, from a toy, others speaking, she waves looking for who came in- seriously a-friggin-dorable.
- she has another little girl cousin due in less than 2 weeks (my cousin's baby) and another girl cousin due in August (my other cousin's baby) and we cannot wait to love on those little bundles.... by poking eyes, pulling fingers, and most likely sitting on. (Don't worry- I won't be doing those things....)

Life is good, and I am enjoying every single moment.

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