Monday, March 28, 2011

Smooches and Waves

Puckered lips.

"Give Momma a smooch! You can do it!"


My face is dripping with slobber, my heart is overflowing with love.

She has kissed me before, but tonight it was kiss, after kiss, after kiss- and the loudest, silliest giggles from both of our mouths as she covered mine in hers. This moment will remain frozen in my memory- our best laugh attack, our sweetest moment yet. Oh sweet child of mine- you are the most perfect gift. My lips shook the inside of her mouth making her giggle even more- open mouthed kisses are so gross, when it isn't your kid. I eagerly await the days of real kisses, but for now, if I look a little drooly, I'm just being loved on by one special girl.

Tonight I made a quick trip to the library before bedtime- I got 2 books in (Choosing to See and Startling Beauty) from 2 far away libraries and wanted to get a head start while my dear love played games tonight. When I got home I waved largely to Brookie and she beamed, waving her arm as hard as she could. She came to me falling on her face trying to wave and crawl at the same time. (I wouldn't recommend it.) So precious, so sweet, so wonderfully mine.

Lord thank you for this little girl you have entrusted to me- may I honor this gift every day, may I teach her all that you would have her learn, may I be the best for her always- (in every stage, even when she poops her diaper 5 times a day... and sticks her feet in it).

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