Monday, March 3, 2014

Internet Identities

So awhile ago I read an article about what to post on social media and what not to.

I'm finally going to say it.

What you say about your children matters.

What you say to your friends about them counts.  What you say to your other children about them matters.  What you say to your parents, to your neighbors.  What you say online about your kids, matters.

We have all had that day where little Lacey ramped us up a wall and we raged about it on facebook.  Ok, well maybe not everyone.  You could be like my mom who uses it only to keep up and never post, and that's okay too.  This is one less thing for you to worry about.  But for those of us who might word vomit on facebook- I want you to pay attention.

What internet identity are you giving your children?  Who are you telling people your kids are?  Because I can tell you right now, I do not want to babysit half of my facebook friends' children because either A- they're a little hellian who was sent here to destroy every life possible or B- they're so perfect I won't like my own kids after I'm around them.

Yes friends.  You do that.  And I can do that.

You make me not like your kids, and then I feel really, REALLY badly about it... and for your kids.

And, you make me not want to be around your kids, because they're so damned near perfect how could me or mine possibly measure up?

Cut. the. shit.

Some day our kids will have online accounts and unlimited access to internet- or at least access where you won't watch literally every move they make.  How will they view themselves after they read the things we have written about them?  I know that day in, day out matters most, so please don't get me wrong- but these little things count, too.  I won't put something on facebook that I wouldn't write in my child's baby book. And whether or not facebook is your medium of choice, it is about the habit that is the problem.  Let's make our children's internet identities positive, but not perfect, silly but not mean.

But I hate these kinds of posts, don't do this.  But do that.  I'm not better than you, I am convicted of different things than you.  And it is so apparent to my heart.  The words I speak to my children matter.  My daughter cannot go to sleep until I have whispered into her tiny ear, "You are my favorite girl in the whole wide world."  I'm not trying to toot my own horn, I'm trying to live differently for myself.  I'm trying to shut the mouth of the cynic in my head and only speak love to and about my children.  (And yes... I think overly making them perfect is not love.)

So friends, I challenge you- what internet identity are your giving your kids?  Where is your heart?  Who do you want to set your children up to be on the internet?  Moms, dads, I think it starts here- right now, who is your child to you?  Make them that- to the world.  (But.... let's not pretend their perfect.... k?)

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