Friday, May 20, 2011

My life.

I never thought I'd pick another person's boogers,
I never shared a blanket all night long.
I never imagined singing the same song on repeat for hours on end.
I never realized how little sleep I need.
I never held the power to calm someone's tears and fears,
until you came into my life.

I told myself I had to stop being afraid of the dark when you got here, baby girl, but I just can't promise you that it isn't scary,
and I can't promise you that there are not monsters in the closet or an alligator under your bed,
because I kind of think there are some in my room, too.
But we can just snuggle together, because when we do, they don't seem to bother me at all.

My baby is 11 months old. What an amazing almost year it has been. What a treasure, a gift. Lord, I pray I have done well mothering her and raising her well. My sweet baby B-lyn.

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