Thursday, February 24, 2011

This girl and her mama

"It's a baby mop, one free with each pregnancy."

Yup- my husband said this weeks ago, on camera, and I almost cried laughing.

I have a very fond memory with my Mama, and my eyes get teary when I think about the amazing woman she is, and what fun we have had together. And I am SO happy that Brooklyn gets to have that fun with her too. We used to hold hands on the tile floor and she would swing me between her legs to the song by Whitney Houston, "I Will Always Love You."

If I had a mother daughter dance at my wedding, that song would have been our melody.

When B was about 7 months old we started swinging, and it brought me back to that moment. Such sweetness! And I do think she loves it just as much as her Mama did when she was little.

We have had such a fun life- with my still toothless babe. (Come ON already, come in teeth! But, the doctor said it is normal to not get any until 12 months too, so we're doing alright!)

Life is wonderful here though, spending lots of time with momma, snuggles on the new carpet in the living room, wrestling with daddy, and sleeping with a blanket and 3 lovies (Ellie, Bunny, and Harley Cub). We are eating lots of foods, she threw up cottage cheese this week, poor kid. I decided not to even bother with foods that Jon and I won't eat (that is if they are a lot of work- you know, squash, pumpkin, we just aren't going to EVER eat that... so why try to get her to like it?). But, there are some easy foods that don't have to be prepared, like yogurt- not so much a fan, but the kid LOVES it! Cottage cheese, another open the tub, scoop, eat. She ate 5 bites, all a go! Then one more bite, gagging, vom- all down her bib, pure cottage cheese. I don't think she was traumatized, but if I see cottage cheese again- I might vom. We did go to meat today, ground turkey that I cut up very finely mixed with potatoes- I think tomorrow we will try to puree it with the potatoes and peas, almost like a baby shepherd's pie... we'll see. She ate maybe 5 bites of the turkey mixture, pureeing might be best... for her. Me on the other hand- thank GOD we are not pregnant yet... or I WOULD vom.

My bf and I chatted the other day when she came over for lunch- some days I feel like, "What do I do with this kid?" I can only hand her toys so often, play airplane... it's okay to just let her play right? I mean seriously, she loves to just crawl around, investigate, chew everything, and stand up whenever possible. Even if it means flipping things into her face- OUCH. The bridge of her little nose is red- and I feel horrible... but that is life. Oh little babes...

Just checking if any of you have heard this song- my new love melody to Brookie, when she banged her face I just sang and sang to her until she relaxed and just nuzzled into my neck. Oh my sweet 8 month old... how big you are!! I love it!

And THAT is my random post... because I just don't have much to say! :)

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